Prashan's background prior to Compliancy Services was in equity research and, having worked for one of the 'big four' in a financial advisory capacity, he joined Compliancy Services after graduating with a MBA from Cranfield University studying Corporate Finance and Strategy.

"I was challenged from the beginning by being thrown into an intensive training course covering a broad range of financial regulation areas, I developed my career learning the FCA authorisation process for a variety of sectors."

Whilst learning the authorisation process he was actively supporting Consumer Credit clients during a challenging time for the sector. Consumer Credit as a sector had just moved to being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority bringing about tougher and unfamiliar requirements.

"During this time of change for our clients I supported them during their transition to a new regulator and helped them to understand the new requirements. Later I developed my knowledge of more technical aspects such as ICAAP and Gabriel Reporting, and compliance monitoring."

Prashan now supports a broad range of financial service clients with their compliance monitoring programmes, risk management and other regulatory requirements. In particular, he has been acting as onsite support for two of our new Fintech clients, supporting them on a daily basis with all aspect of their Compliance. Due to the progressive business models, Fintech has created a number of challenges that he has supported our clients through.

"In addition to gaining hands-on consultancy experience, my knowledge has been enhanced further by undertaking a formal certification in risk and regulation that Compliancy Services has supported my development with."

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