Kumar joined Compliancy Services as a Managing Director in January 2018 to run our consulting practice. A trained actuary, he has worked for prestigious firms across the insurance, banking and consultancy sectors, including the Prudential, ING, Goldman Sachs and Accenture. But Compliancy Services offered something different: the chance to work directly with clients at a high level and make a real difference to their business.

"When I first met Ben [Mason, Joint CEO] I was immediately impressed with his drive, expertise and integrity. He didn’t take long to convince me that Compliancy Services is right at the forefront of industry developments affecting both innovative and traditional firms. It was an easy decision to want to share that vision and take the firm to the next level."

Despite coming to the firm with many years of top tier market and consultancy experience, Kumar arrived at Compliancy Services without preconceptions or unrealistic expectations. This helped him transition smoothly into the operations and culture of a smaller consultancy. He has already found himself able to contribute significantly to the evolution of the business; notably through imparting the skills and insights he has acquired over the years, to ambitious, receptive junior consultants and to more seasoned practitioners who have less experience of the consultancy world.

At the same time Kumar is helping galvanise Compliancy Services' consultants to grow from a discrete delivery mindset to a more holistic understanding of the client’s business and their challenges. Thinking like the client, actually experiencing their problems and concerns as your own, is a hallmark of the best global consultancy firms, and Kumar sees evidence of the Compliancy Services' team really starting to step up to this new standard. He has also observed improvements in the professionalism and responsiveness of client communications, again something the larger global firms tend to be good at.

"Compliancy Services is an impressively professional firm, wholly focused on client outcomes, with strong ethical standards and a compelling business model. It’s not surprising that the firm has an excellent reputation with both regulators and clients. Frankly many larger consulting firms would be proud of some of the things this firm is doing with its clients."

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