Built by subject matter experts, Compliancy.SMCR™ stores information, evidences compliance, produces reports and documentation, automates reminders and shows gaps in your compliance. 
It has all the tools you need to manage the requirements of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime.

SMCR screenshot 2

Manage the entire cycle

Automated workflow processes that keep your SMCR regime on track and identify gaps in your compliance.

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Interactive dashboards and reports

See your SMCR status, produce management reports that can be exported into Excel and PDF and evidence your compliance. 

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Simplify document production

All the documents you need from responsibilities maps to certificates and regulatory references.

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  • Automated workflow processes
  • Shows your compliance status with its interactive dashboard
  • Document production, including Management Responsibilities Map, certificates and regulatory reference information
  • Provides current and historical evidence of your compliance
  • Identifies compliance gaps
  • Reminds you about forthcoming tasks and those to be completed
  • Streamlines your management reporting and governance
  • Full audit trail and documentation of reasonable steps