PS21/6 - IFPR Implementation

  • Posted on: 30 June 2021
  • Written by: Harpartap Singh

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today published its first Policy Statement (PS21/6) relating to the Investment Firms Prudential Regime (IFPR). This Policy Statement covers the areas discussed in the first consultation paper, CP20/24 and some of the key things to note are:

Categorisation of firms
  • No changes to SNI criteria

  • Matched principal brokers will be classified as non SNI firms

  • No additional clarity on 'investment advice of an ongoing nature'

Prudential consolidation
  • Clarification that non UK parents above the UK parent will not be captured

  • CPMs and CPMIs will be 'financial institutions' and thus caught by investment firm group rules

  • Credit institutions may be connected undertakings and thus have to be consolidated

Own funds
  • Interim dividends can be deducted from interim profits without reducing own funds

Own funds requirements
  • Clarification that for K-TCD, PFE should use gross values and if collateral is negative then the exposure value will increase
Concentration risk
  • Exposures to 3rd country regional and local governments can be excluded as long as there’s no difference in risk compared to the central government and the latter has a 0% risk weighting

  • The FCA are considering whether to introduce new reports for securitisations
  • Returns will have to be completed in GBP

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