Regulations require firms to have formal onboarding and monitoring processes

FCA compliance and money laundering regulations make it necessary for firms to have formal processes and procedures to onboard and monitor third party firms and individuals that may pose a regulatory compliance risk. This affects many different sectors, not least Banking, Payment Services, e-Money, and Investment.  Compliancy Services' regtech enabled service helps you to overcome six key onboarding  challenges:

Risk framework

This must be suitable for your business model and the governance and control mechanisms proportionate to the risks presented, with transparency of escalation and reporting to senior management. Unnecessary complications with the process can affect cost and time to revenue

Client experience

All too often firms duplicate information requests due to different departments involved in the onboarding process. This can negatively impact client relationships and slow down the onboarding

Time to revenue

Your onboarding processes need to be efficient and effective, as any delays will have a direct impact on your revenue and could result in you failing to achieve your budget targets

Client data and analysis

Operational, risk and compliance teams collecting and assessing different levels of information using multiple systems and processes can make it difficult and time consuming to bring together and analyse consistent risk data

Specialist skills

With aspects of the onboarding and monitoring process requiring financial crime prevention knowledge you will have to put in place an appropriately skilled and experienced team of people or partner with a competent regulatory and compliance service provider


Depending on the scale and complexity the onboarding and monitoring process can represent a considerable cost, especially as the pipeline of applicants is unlikely to be predictably linear making it difficult to ‘rightsize’ an onboarding team to maximise utilisation


Using a blend of our regtech and subject matter experts allows you to benefit from the best balance of in-house and third party resources. Whether you have your preferred PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media or ID&V solutions, or you are seeking a full end to end KYC/onboarding service, our class-leading regtech enabled services is adaptable and uses industry standard APIs to rapidly integrate multiple data services.

You can interrogate the onboarding pipeline on demand to view individual clients or to produce up to date pipeline reports that enable you to spot areas for process improvement and be able to match the pipeline against revenue budgets. And all branded and personalised to the way you want to engage your future clients.

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It is increasingly becoming necessary for firms to carry out due diligence on third party firms that may pose a regulatory compliance risk. Compliancy.CAM combines subject matter expertise and technology to help you reduce compliance costs and improve data collation, reporting and analytics.


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