Our clients rely on us to provide them with specialist consultancy services and support in an ever evolving regulatory environment. We routinely solve client specific issues, assist with changes in business structure and the effect and impact of new regulation on systems, policies and procedures.

Our clients choose us because of our dedicated teams who are highly experienced, easy to deal with and are sector specialists.

We bring the experience we’ve gained working with firms facing similar issues to yours – which means you learn how your peers are addressing them. Our proven systems and processes minimise your time and resources, reduce your regulatory burden and make sure compliance makes a positive contribution to your business growth.

Typical consultancy projects include:
  • Compliance Healthchecks that check that your systems and controls are appropriate, including to meet the Payment Services Regulations; and in relation to Safeguarding Audits for Payment Services Providers and E-Money Firms; 

  • Independent audits such as the mandatory annual independent AML audit as defined in MLD5

  • File review and compliance monitoring checks to ensure that you’re following your policies and procedures

  • Regulators expect you to hold sufficient capital based on formulaic requirements, to regularly stress test liquidity risks and to have a robust wind down plan. Our specialist Prudential services can help you interpret the requirements and avoid common errors that are likely to lead to unwanted attention from the regulator. Find out more

  • Helping firms successfully to navigate a FCA investigation with our FCA investigation and remediation services

  • Managing FCA mandatory notifications, including Variations of Permission (VoP), Changes in Control (CiC) and Approved Person applications

  • Board Briefings hat offer clear, structured and summarised regulatory updates for your board, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions

  • Compliance function specific training for individuals and firms

  • Advice and support relating to changes to your business models and structures

You’ll find us easy to deal with: we listen to and take the time to understand your challenges and opportunities. We simplify and clarify complex issues, offering practical, usable guidance and solutions that ensure your regulatory compliance.

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Why Compliancy Services?

Reliable Compliance Partner

Being a compliance partner means that we take the time to understand your business, your team, structure and plans.

Peer Learning

You benefit from the knowledge, experience and insight we gain working with many other firms in your sector.

Dedicated, Specialist Team

A team of regulatory compliance specialists that are knowledgeable in your sector and have a reputation for providing a high quality and responsive service that minimises your regulatory burden.

Prudential Services

All firms have to meet and maintain required capital requirements according to their regulatory permissions. Mis-interpreting the regulations or having inadequate processes can lead to costly errors. Our team of highly experienced accountants and compliance consultants handle reporting for a large number of clients.

Modular Service Options

A tailored service solution designed to meet your regulatory obligations, mitigate regulatory risks and which will support your firm as it evolves and grows.

Client Portal

Clients enjoy access as a free extension of their service. It offers a gateway into regtech applications for e-learning and SM&CR, in addition to tools that help you manage your compliance; customisable document templates; and relevant regulatory developments.