Our Compliance Healthcheck gives you comfort and peace of mind that you have appropriate compliance arrangements in place, from checking your policies, procedures, manuals and documentation through to assessing the effectiveness of your compliance framework.

The objective is to provide a reasonable assurance that you have sufficiently robust compliance controls in place to mitigate the risk of non-compliance with the rules and regulations. Controls can include documents such as policies and procedures, training, organisation structure, management information, independent checks, verifications or approvals.

You can select from three Compliance Healthcheck service options, depending on the level of scrutiny you require. Whichever option is selected our reviews cover 11 key areas:

1. your systems and controls;

2. threshold conditions;

3. code of conduct;

4. fitness and propriety;

5. prudential standards;

6. conduct of business;

7. client and money assets;

8. market conduct;

9. product governance;

10. supervision; and

11. complaints.

 The three service options

What we check

Level 1: Documented

Level 2: Embedded

Level 3: Effective
Compliance with latest regulations  
How compliance arrangements are communicated
Staff awareness  
Effectiveness of the controls  
How you identify deficiencies    
How you address deficiencies    

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Independent assessment

An independent assessment of whether your compliance framework meets your firm’s regulatory obligations.

Identifies weaknesses

Identifies any weaknesses or failings in your current compliance framework and can help to remediate any area requiring attention.

Evidences compliance

Supports your firm and relevant individuals in the event of a regulatory enquiry. Are you or the relevant Senior Manager function holder ‘taking reasonable steps’ relative to your firm’s compliance framework?

Supports governance

An independent review can often be beneficial as part of your governance processes and to satisfy your senior management.

Allocate resources

Allows you to allocate resources more effectively to areas that require improvement.