For some firms understanding their business model in relation to the regulatory landscape can be daunting as it isn't always clear. That said, it's vitally important to get right given the implications it can have on the overall FCA authorisation process. 

Our simple Business Model Assessment and FCA Readiness Services outline the implications of your business model and determine your FCA application action plan. 

How our Business Model Assessment works

  1. Based on our proven consultation process, you provide your business model information against a set of criteria tailored to your situation

  2. Our highly experienced consultants will review this against the FCA perimeter and give our view on whether your business activities fall inside or outside - and the reasons why

  3. Provided as report, you can use this information to inform your next steps including whether to proceed with an application

  4. If you decide you do need authorisation, our FCA Readiness Service uses your information to create an action plan, rating the relevant areas of your business model in terms on readiness

  5. Using the ratings you work through the readiness report to ensure you are prepared for submitting your application to the FCA

Our experience and knowledge means we understand the regulatory implications of different business models and can advise accordingly. Our quick, efficient service gives you the specialist advice you need to inform your next steps, and help ensure the application process is successful. 

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Firms who undertake a business model assessment and proceed with an FCA application using Compliancy Services can use their assessment fees against their application support fees.